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The Global Community of Women in High School Sports can help you find the perfect motivational speakers, keynote speakers, or professional speaker to make your event a huge success!

If you would like to be showcased as one of our speakers please email jen@globalcommunityofwomeninsports.com.

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Jen Brooks

Jen Brooks

The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room

The Power to Inspire, Create & Claim Space for EVERYONE

I am often “one of a few” or the “only” woman in a room or a meeting because I work in the world of high school athletics. Once I realized I had a choice to let this intimidate me or use it to my advantage, I recognized there could be power in this situation and I chose the latter. I have experienced my fair share of discrimination, but with time, the more I saw it coming, the better prepared I was to:

  1. Not let it hurt me quite as much
  2. Inspire me to find my voice and helps other to find our seats at the table.

I became aware that I needed to use my position as “the only” to benefit other women – those who couldn’t be in the room or at the table.

I can provide various services to you, your team, your organization that will create a heightened level of awareness as well as action items to implement to create more space at your table.

Claim your space at the table! Let me help you!

Your voice deserves to be heard. I want to hear it. I want the world to hear it! This is your invitation to sit at my table. I want to help you learn ways to sit at more tables!

Coaching Kapwa

Coaching Kapwa

You Are The Gift!

Let’s Practice Holistic Wellness With Professional Development “I am You and You are Me” Motivational Sports Storytelling / Sports Culture Co-Strategist / Well-inars / Sports Identity Affirmationist

CoachingKapwa Sports Consultants, LLC offers wellness-based professional training programs to high-level educational sports personnel and athletic departments.

Hi I’m Carolyn. People call me Coach Sideco. I journey with athletic administrators in deepening, and ultimately, aligning their personal values with their professional skill emergence and practice. Partnering with CoachingKapwa builds wellness capacity, efficacy, and longevity of humans working in the service of youth who play sports.

Kapwa is a Filipino language word that conveys the collectivist worldview of interconnectedness and interdependence. “I am You and You are Me”.

Kapwa energies include

  • Trauma-informed, DEI, Restorative Justice, Critical Consciousness Development
  • Social & Racial Equity Practices + Ethnic Studies Pedagogy
  • Nature-based & Outdoor Education Professional & Wellness Coaching
  • Decolonization approach
  • mmigrant, Woman of Color-identified approach
  • NIAAA CAA & LTI Teaching Faculty Member
  • Firm belief that sports is FUN (Yes! Even American sports)
Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy is the author of A Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peake Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life, voted Changing The Game Project’s 2018 book of the year for athletes. She works with high school, club and university ADs, as well as coaches, and athletes of all ages and abilities. Dr. Amy has shared mindfulness with university teams and athletic departments. She has also offered mindfulness to students and staff in an extremely diverse variety of high schools and to employees and execs from small businesses to Apple, Google, Stanford, Square, Genetech….These in-person and online sessions support participants in achieving peak performance and finding flow in sports, in school, at work, and at home. Dr. Amy is happy to share these power life skills with the passionate and dedicated members of the Global Community of Women in High School Sports. This is an opportunity to learn simple ways to sustain and nourish ourselves, while we support others. Amy Saltzman M.D. Please forgive my dyslexia.
Author: Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life
Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.
Director of the Association for Mindfulness in Education 5514 Camino Cerralvo
Santa Barbara, CA 93111